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Greetings, traveller, and welcome to Re-vamp, the home of The Mad Doctors (of Literature)!

Do you long for the good old days of horror? Do you remember Hammer Monsters and Eastern European Folk Legends with fondness and wish that still, just sometimes, zombies wouldn't run and vampires would be a bit less... sparkly? Then you are among friends, dear heart; read on!

The Mad Docs of Lit are otherwise known as authors LC Hu and Die Booth, who regularly terrorise each other from opposite ends of the globe. We dreamed (or should I say, nightmared?) this project up after one too many conversations lamenting the state of modern horror (our shared pet genre). Our idea was to resurrect the good ol' myths one monster at a time, putting aside all the modern cliches and gratuitous gore and either taking them right back to their traditional beginnings or bringing them bang up to date in ways that have not been done before.

Follow our horrific progress as we journey from Halloween to Halloween, tackling a different monster each 'round' and posting original material from both of us as well as exciting guest talents. For those of you unfamiliar with the Livejournal layout, the most recent posts are displayed at the top - so scroll back for earlier entries. There'll be stories, artwork, articles, links, polls and plenty of opportunity for discussion with fellow horror fans. On Halloween 2011 we hope to publish a finished anthology of all the stories we produced during the project, with the chance for a few fellow authors to win a place in the anthology in a competition that will be judged by you, the reader!

Be sure to 'friend' this journal, for extra friends-only content and remember - all we ask from you is that you let us know you're reading (just a simple 'boo!' will suffice!) and please spread the word to all your horror-loving friends and acquaintances because there is nothing we love more than new... blood!

Now all that remains to be said is that we hope that your stay here is a pleasant one, filled with fun and frightening tales. Oh, and whatever you do—don't open that door...!

Announcing The Monster Makeover Short Story Competition

Greetings Re-Vampers! Well, we are over halfway through our project and now we want you to help us explode those modern monster clichés. You helped us to write a werewolf story in the last round, so now you’ve had that practice, we want you to write us some stories of your own.

The winning entry as voted for by Re-Vamp readers will be published in the final Re-Vamp Anthology, due for release Halloween 2011!

All stories entered into the competition will be posted as a ‘competition entry’ on the Re-Vamp site and the winner will be voted by you, the readers – going to a tie-break judged by Die and LC in the event of a draw. Read on for full rules and conditions!

Rules & Guidelines )

So please – enter, have fun and impress us! Tell all your friends (feel free to link to us or use the competition banner), tell your family, tell people in the street, write the web address on bathroom walls (OK, maybe not that part...) and let’s get horrific!
Now that we've sent more paramedics and aimed for the head of round four, it's time for the penultimate Re-Vamp! round and perhaps the scariest monster of all: serial killers.

It's debatable whether serial killers can really be called 'a classic monster' and certainly their mythology is a lot more modern than some of the other ghoulies we've so far investigated, but it cannot be denied that ever since Jack first Ripped, the serial killer has been a mainstay of the horror genre.

From psychological terrors and urban myths to the slasher movies of the 70s and 80s and now into the modern cliche of 'torture porn', it seems the case that gore is now king, audiences are becoming increasingly desensitised and violence is replacing suspense. But what do you find the most terrifying incarnation of the serial killer?

In further announcements: the votes are in on our Readers Choice final round monster and the winner by a majority is FAIRIES! Not the glitter and gossamer wings kind, mind you, but something altogether more sinister...

Also, you now have just under a month to enter our Monster Makeover Short Story Competition for a chance to have your story published in our Re-Vamp! Anthology, due for release this Halloween in print and e-book. Entries have now started to trickle in and must reach us by August 15th 2011, so get your writing hat on and start scaring us silly!
We asked you to name some ghastly candidates for our Bonus Round monster, and you sent an entire horrible horde our way! But now it's time for your final... heh heh... word. Choose one, carefully... or forever hold your (lovingly gnawed bloody) pieces!

[Poll #1757142]


© 2011, Lis Nemeth
Self Published
Earlier today Radio 4 pitted two of our theme monsters against each other in a radio show exploring our fascination with these classic creatures of the night.

Listen to Vampires vs Zombies on i-player here.

(Link expires on 30th June 2011, big thank you to Adrian Benson for alerting us to it!)
It's hard to believe that we're already over half way through Re-Vamp!

The Mad Doctors would like to thank everyone who has supported the project so far - we hope you're enjoying it, and without your contributions and readership, there would be no Re-Vamp!

Special thanks go out to Susan Price for plugging us on her Facebook pages: it's amazing to know that we have the support of such a wonderful and accomplished writer. If you have never read any of Susan's work then I can't recommend it enough: she has over 50 books published, several of them award winning and many based around just the kind of mythology and folklore that we at Re-Vamp are so fond of. Her work often falls into the 'young adult' category, but her engaging storytelling, imaginative twists and beautiful description makes it captivating reading for all ages. Do be warned though: although it may not be 'horror' in the generalised, gore-drenched sense, Susan Price's fairy creatures will stow away in your subconscious and then creep back out to visit you on dark and lonely nights!

In the (eternal and restless) spirit of Re-Vamp! I thought I'd share this wonderful song from one of my favourite bands - the lyrics (under the cut) are rather pertinent to our zombie theme: a little story in their own right.

Tropical Fever )

All music and lyrics copyright Noblesse Oblige, 'Tropical Fever' from the album 'Malady', 2010, RepoRecords.

You can buy this track at emusic or at i-tunes, or visit Noblesse Oblige on Facebook - and yes, the rest of their tunes are just as good!


© 2011, Milla Galea
Self Published

Self portrait taken as a digital snap in the reflection of my laptop desktop. I wanted to present a more traditional zombie image. Quite interested in the effects you can get just with shadows and reflected backgrounds, no Photoshop was used!


Die Booth


© 2011, Die Booth
Self Published
Being, of course, extreme zombie enthusiasts, you've all seen the CDC's post on Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse, right? :D

I love that they've even got badges you can grab to declare your hardcore zombie-apocalypse preparedness...
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Bidding a fond so-long for now(ooowwwwwwww!) to our third round, it's time for us to shuffle into the clumsy clutches of Round Four. Zombies are one of the Mad Doctors' very favourite monsters, so we can promise you some real reanimated treats in the stories, artwork and photography we have lined up for this round.

Zombies have maybe suffered less from the modern romance angle, but they have certainly undergone quite a cultural transformation, from the mute slaves of Voodoo tradition to the slavering, flesh-eating speed-killers of recent film and television. But what's your favourite zombie? And what's the most imaginative zombie costume you have ever encountered, either yours or someone else's?

+ Found - by Die Booth
+ Mr Zombie - by LC Hu

Guest Fiction
+ Flowers in the Snow - by Tammy Lee
+ Escape - by Tessa J. Brown

Links & Discussion
+ Kick off: bring out your dead!
+ Zombie preparedness
+ Tropical Fever - (song by Noblesse Oblige)
+ Vampires vs Zombies - link to i-player radio show

+ Mirror - by Die Booth
+ Zombie - by Milla Galea
+ My heart belongs to you - by Lis Nemeth
+ Zombie Nana - by Lock and Key Photography


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