Announcing The Monster Makeover Short Story Competition

Greetings Re-Vampers! Well, we are over halfway through our project and now we want you to help us explode those modern monster clichés. You helped us to write a werewolf story in the last round, so now you’ve had that practice, we want you to write us some stories of your own.

The winning entry as voted for by Re-Vamp readers will be published in the final Re-Vamp Anthology, due for release Halloween 2011!

All stories entered into the competition will be posted as a ‘competition entry’ on the Re-Vamp site and the winner will be voted by you, the readers – going to a tie-break judged by Die and LC in the event of a draw. Read on for full rules and conditions!


+ Entries must adhere to the themes of Re-Vamp: that is, they should deal with one of our theme monsters (vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies or serial killers) and should strive to subvert modern monster cliches – either taking the myths back to their roots, or updating them in a way that hasn’t been done before.
+ Entries must be written in English.
+ Entries should be all your own original work (previously published stories will be accepted so long as the copyright remains with you and we have permission to post them on the site).
+ Entries can be short fiction, flash fiction or poetry, up to 5000 words.
+ A maximum of three entries per person will be allowed (should you feel inspired enough to write more than one!)
+ Obviously we are expecting horror and want you to push boundaries; but please note that if we think your handling of a specific subject matter would be considered extremely offensive by most adults, we may decide to disqualify your story and refuse to post it. If you’re uncertain whether something you’re writing might be too much, just email us and ask. We reserve the right to decline any story, for any reason.
+ Entries must be received by August 15 2011.

Judging and Prize:

+ Entries will be posted as received on the Re-Vamp website, with additional copyright text. This will allow readers to read the stories at their leisure. In September we will publish a week-long poll with links to all of our competition entries for you to vote on your favourite.
+ The winning entry as voted for by Re-Vamp readers will be published in the final Re-Vamp Anthology, and receive a free electronic copy of the anthology.

Submission guidelines:

+ Please send all competition entries as a Word or RTF document to[at]
+ Please ensure that you spell and grammar check your work before you send it to us - we won’t be editing any competition entries before they go live.
+ Please include the name you want us to publish your entry on the site under - this can be your real name or a pen name, as long as we have something to identify you by.
+ Please ensure that you use a sans-serif font such as arial or verdana – this just makes it easier for us to read without having to change the font.

So please – enter, have fun and impress us! Tell all your friends (feel free to link to us or use the competition banner), tell your family, tell people in the street, write the web address on bathroom walls (OK, maybe not that part...) and let’s get horrific!


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