Announcing The Monster Makeover Short Story Competition

Greetings Re-Vampers! Well, we are over halfway through our project and now we want you to help us explode those modern monster clichés. You helped us to write a werewolf story in the last round, so now you’ve had that practice, we want you to write us some stories of your own.

The winning entry as voted for by Re-Vamp readers will be published in the final Re-Vamp Anthology, due for release Halloween 2011!

All stories entered into the competition will be posted as a ‘competition entry’ on the Re-Vamp site and the winner will be voted by you, the readers – going to a tie-break judged by Die and LC in the event of a draw. Read on for full rules and conditions!

Rules & Guidelines )

So please – enter, have fun and impress us! Tell all your friends (feel free to link to us or use the competition banner), tell your family, tell people in the street, write the web address on bathroom walls (OK, maybe not that part...) and let’s get horrific!


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