© 2011, Lis Nemeth
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Earlier today Radio 4 pitted two of our theme monsters against each other in a radio show exploring our fascination with these classic creatures of the night.

Listen to Vampires vs Zombies on i-player here.

(Link expires on 30th June 2011, big thank you to Adrian Benson for alerting us to it!)
In the (eternal and restless) spirit of Re-Vamp! I thought I'd share this wonderful song from one of my favourite bands - the lyrics (under the cut) are rather pertinent to our zombie theme: a little story in their own right.

Tropical Fever )

All music and lyrics copyright Noblesse Oblige, 'Tropical Fever' from the album 'Malady', 2010, RepoRecords.

You can buy this track at emusic or at i-tunes, or visit Noblesse Oblige on Facebook - and yes, the rest of their tunes are just as good!


© 2011, Milla Galea
Self Published[at]

Self portrait taken as a digital snap in the reflection of my laptop desktop. I wanted to present a more traditional zombie image. Quite interested in the effects you can get just with shadows and reflected backgrounds, no Photoshop was used!


Die Booth


© 2011, Die Booth
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Being, of course, extreme zombie enthusiasts, you've all seen the CDC's post on Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse, right? :D

I love that they've even got badges you can grab to declare your hardcore zombie-apocalypse preparedness...
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( May. 19th, 2011 01:54 pm)
Bidding a fond so-long for now(ooowwwwwwww!) to our third round, it's time for us to shuffle into the clumsy clutches of Round Four. Zombies are one of the Mad Doctors' very favourite monsters, so we can promise you some real reanimated treats in the stories, artwork and photography we have lined up for this round.

Zombies have maybe suffered less from the modern romance angle, but they have certainly undergone quite a cultural transformation, from the mute slaves of Voodoo tradition to the slavering, flesh-eating speed-killers of recent film and television. But what's your favourite zombie? And what's the most imaginative zombie costume you have ever encountered, either yours or someone else's?

+ Found - by Die Booth
+ Mr Zombie - by LC Hu

Guest Fiction
+ Flowers in the Snow - by Tammy Lee
+ Escape - by Tessa J. Brown

Links & Discussion
+ Kick off: bring out your dead!
+ Zombie preparedness
+ Tropical Fever - (song by Noblesse Oblige)
+ Vampires vs Zombies - link to i-player radio show

+ Mirror - by Die Booth
+ Zombie - by Milla Galea
+ My heart belongs to you - by Lis Nemeth
+ Zombie Nana - by Lock and Key Photography


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