Round two has turned out so haunting that we're extending it by a week or two so we can get all the good, ghosty stuff in! And don't forget the Phantom Photo Contest ends today--be sure to submit your entries by the stroke of midnight!

Still, like any mad scientist, we're looking ahead to the our next fiendish experiment--and for that, we need your help!

[Poll #1705582]
Greetings, readers!

Well, we're having a scream playing with the vampires, but all good bad things must one day come to an end and so it's time to vote for the next monster. To give our writers a head start in crafting those creepy stories, we thought we'd open the poll now — You have one week to cast your votes!

The terrors we're going to tackle have been narrowed down to the following choices (please choose an option from the drop-down list!)...

[Poll #1642882]


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