We asked you to name some ghastly candidates for our Bonus Round monster, and you sent an entire horrible horde our way! But now it's time for your final... heh heh... word. Choose one, carefully... or forever hold your (lovingly gnawed bloody) pieces!

[Poll #1757142]

As tonight is a full moon it seems like a very good time to wrap up our werewolf themed round and let the zombies in, but first - thank you to everyone who voted in our Readers' Choice polls and now we bring you the final part of our Readers' Choice Adventure...

Part eight: The Final Showdown! )
Oh yes, it's that time again, dearest readers: time for you to choose which monster we reanimate next!

Be sure to suggest a monster for our readers' choice monster! Our final month will revolve around whatever terrifying creature you decide to summon forth.

[Poll #1734596]

We've got a special treat for you this round: our first Readers' Choice Adventure! We'll post a part weekly, on Wednesdays--and you get to vote on where the story goes next. We'll close the voting on Saturdays and write the next part.

Part 1: A Peaceful Escape )

[Poll #1724610]
Voting is open until 11:59 pm Friday, Pacific time.


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