Earlier today Radio 4 pitted two of our theme monsters against each other in a radio show exploring our fascination with these classic creatures of the night.

Listen to Vampires vs Zombies on i-player here.

(Link expires on 30th June 2011, big thank you to Adrian Benson for alerting us to it!)
In the (eternal and restless) spirit of Re-Vamp! I thought I'd share this wonderful song from one of my favourite bands - the lyrics (under the cut) are rather pertinent to our zombie theme: a little story in their own right.

Tropical Fever )

All music and lyrics copyright Noblesse Oblige, 'Tropical Fever' from the album 'Malady', 2010, RepoRecords.

You can buy this track at emusic or at i-tunes, or visit Noblesse Oblige on Facebook - and yes, the rest of their tunes are just as good!
Being, of course, extreme zombie enthusiasts, you've all seen the CDC's post on Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse, right? :D

I love that they've even got badges you can grab to declare your hardcore zombie-apocalypse preparedness...
Just in time for our werewolf round this weekend's moon is going to be a "Super" full moon--appearing the biggest and brightest it has in 20 years.



So if you're looking for a time to let your inner wolf out--this weekend is perfect!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] armistice_day for this head's up!!
Stumbled over this collection of old Horror comics art today on Wired and thought it was right up our alley! Now I want to read the rest of "Eyes of Death!"

Horror! Book Digs Up Lurid ‘Pre-Code’ Monster Comics


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