As tonight is a full moon it seems like a very good time to wrap up our werewolf themed round and let the zombies in, but first - thank you to everyone who voted in our Readers' Choice polls and now we bring you the final part of our Readers' Choice Adventure...

Part eight: The Final Showdown! )
In a slight deviation from the current theme, in honour of the Royal Wedding we present some more artwork from the talented Milla Galea!


© 2011, Milla Galea
Self Published[at]
Oh yes, it's that time again, dearest readers: time for you to choose which monster we reanimate next!

Be sure to suggest a monster for our readers' choice monster! Our final month will revolve around whatever terrifying creature you decide to summon forth.

[Poll #1734596]


Die Booth


© 2011, Die Booth
Self Published

Justin Owen

© 2011, Justin Owen
Self Published


© 2011, Milla Galea
Self Published[at]

We've got a special treat for you this round: our first Readers' Choice Adventure! We'll post a part weekly, on Wednesdays--and you get to vote on where the story goes next. We'll close the voting on Saturdays and write the next part.

Part 1: A Peaceful Escape )

[Poll #1724610]
Voting is open until 11:59 pm Friday, Pacific time.
Our first piece of artwork for you to get your teeth into is Mark Hewitt's traditional werewolf painted in acrylics (with a very topical perigree moon in the background!)


© 2011, Mark Hewitt
Self Published[at]
Just in time for our werewolf round this weekend's moon is going to be a "Super" full moon--appearing the biggest and brightest it has in 20 years.

So if you're looking for a time to let your inner wolf out--this weekend is perfect!

Thanks to [ profile] armistice_day for this head's up!!


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