In the (eternal and restless) spirit of Re-Vamp! I thought I'd share this wonderful song from one of my favourite bands - the lyrics (under the cut) are rather pertinent to our zombie theme: a little story in their own right.

Hail to the leader
Who came out of the night
Like a tropical fever
Into my life

My despot in armour
Galloping god
Twisted charmer
Brother in blood

He'll poison your veins
Behind curtains and shutters
Leave a zombie brain
And souls in gutters

So get down on your knees
For his evil seed
Have your misfortunes
Stuck on repeat

Counting the beats
The slow heart beats
That echo the drone
Of the tom tom
The sound of the drum
As far as Tambura
Where under disguise
They'll wake Papa Loco
In dark dreams
So wakeful he lies

You shake and shiver
As he possesses
Your wet mouth quivers
While his hand caresses

Get in line
Join his collection
Let his shadow shine
On your affection

Now the cane rat caresses
Your phantom leg
And the mosquito buzzes
Inside your head

Like a dog now you bleed
You're as white as a sheet
The lights are on
But nobody's home!

All music and lyrics copyright Noblesse Oblige, 'Tropical Fever' from the album 'Malady', 2010, RepoRecords.

You can buy this track at emusic or at i-tunes, or visit Noblesse Oblige on Facebook - and yes, the rest of their tunes are just as good!
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