Self portrait taken as a digital snap in the reflection of my laptop desktop. I wanted to present a more traditional zombie image. Quite interested in the effects you can get just with shadows and reflected backgrounds, no Photoshop was used!


Die Booth


© 2011, Die Booth
Self Published
Well, the ghosts have almost had their hour. We had so many fantastic contributions for 'Ghosts' that we extended the time a little for that theme. Now, to wrap up, The Mad Doctors are proud to announce the winner of our Fantastic Phantom Photo Contest.

We actually couldn't choose between the awesome entries we got, so we rolled a dice to let the fates decide! And the winner is...

The mystery face at the window of the New Orleans Absinthe House, by [ profile] mandybling. Thank you to the people who entered and congratulations to our winner!

Please accept your prize, a short story by Die Booth inspired by your winning photograph.

Coffee Break

A story by Die Booth

Coffee Break )

The next ReVamp! theme that will be prowling onto your screens very soon is Werewolves... don't have nightmares, now!
Spooky applause to everyone who has so far entered our Phantom Photo Contest, deadline Wednesday, February 16th!

Here's some more examples to set the mood. It was a dark, dark night... Read more... )
To kick things off and to show you the sort of thing we're looking for, I'll be posting a few ghostly images of my own!

The first was taken in the (allegedly) most haunted house in York last July...Read more... )
Our first guest artwork contribution, we're delighted to share this atmospheric photograph with you, taken by up and coming rock photographer Angel Ceballos!


Angel Ceballos

© 2011, Angel Ceballos
Self Published[at]

Angel Ceballos
FILM MAKER | Adventures in Killing the Radio Star
ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER | Full Client list of 100+ here


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