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Greetings, traveller, and welcome to Re-vamp, the home of The Mad Doctors (of Literature)!

Do you long for the good old days of horror? Do you remember Hammer Monsters and Eastern European Folk Legends with fondness and wish that still, just sometimes, zombies wouldn't run and vampires would be a bit less... sparkly? Then you are among friends, dear heart; read on!

The Mad Docs of Lit are otherwise known as authors LC Hu and Die Booth, who regularly terrorise each other from opposite ends of the globe. We dreamed (or should I say, nightmared?) this project up after one too many conversations lamenting the state of modern horror (our shared pet genre). Our idea was to resurrect the good ol' myths one monster at a time, putting aside all the modern cliches and gratuitous gore and either taking them right back to their traditional beginnings or bringing them bang up to date in ways that have not been done before.

Follow our horrific progress as we journey from Halloween to Halloween, tackling a different monster each 'round' and posting original material from both of us as well as exciting guest talents. For those of you unfamiliar with the Livejournal layout, the most recent posts are displayed at the top - so scroll back for earlier entries. There'll be stories, artwork, articles, links, polls and plenty of opportunity for discussion with fellow horror fans. On Halloween 2011 we hope to publish a finished anthology of all the stories we produced during the project, with the chance for a few fellow authors to win a place in the anthology in a competition that will be judged by you, the reader!

Be sure to 'friend' this journal, for extra friends-only content and remember - all we ask from you is that you let us know you're reading (just a simple 'boo!' will suffice!) and please spread the word to all your horror-loving friends and acquaintances because there is nothing we love more than new... blood!

Now all that remains to be said is that we hope that your stay here is a pleasant one, filled with fun and frightening tales. Oh, and whatever you do—don't open that door...!

Now that we've sent more paramedics and aimed for the head of round four, it's time for the penultimate Re-Vamp! round and perhaps the scariest monster of all: serial killers.

It's debatable whether serial killers can really be called 'a classic monster' and certainly their mythology is a lot more modern than some of the other ghoulies we've so far investigated, but it cannot be denied that ever since Jack first Ripped, the serial killer has been a mainstay of the horror genre.

From psychological terrors and urban myths to the slasher movies of the 70s and 80s and now into the modern cliche of 'torture porn', it seems the case that gore is now king, audiences are becoming increasingly desensitised and violence is replacing suspense. But what do you find the most terrifying incarnation of the serial killer?

In further announcements: the votes are in on our Readers Choice final round monster and the winner by a majority is FAIRIES! Not the glitter and gossamer wings kind, mind you, but something altogether more sinister...

Also, you now have just under a month to enter our Monster Makeover Short Story Competition for a chance to have your story published in our Re-Vamp! Anthology, due for release this Halloween in print and e-book. Entries have now started to trickle in and must reach us by August 15th 2011, so get your writing hat on and start scaring us silly!


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