It's hard to believe that we're already over half way through Re-Vamp!

The Mad Doctors would like to thank everyone who has supported the project so far - we hope you're enjoying it, and without your contributions and readership, there would be no Re-Vamp!

Special thanks go out to Susan Price for plugging us on her Facebook pages: it's amazing to know that we have the support of such a wonderful and accomplished writer. If you have never read any of Susan's work then I can't recommend it enough: she has over 50 books published, several of them award winning and many based around just the kind of mythology and folklore that we at Re-Vamp are so fond of. Her work often falls into the 'young adult' category, but her engaging storytelling, imaginative twists and beautiful description makes it captivating reading for all ages. Do be warned though: although it may not be 'horror' in the generalised, gore-drenched sense, Susan Price's fairy creatures will stow away in your subconscious and then creep back out to visit you on dark and lonely nights!



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